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  1. Perl pack and unpack

    Perl logo When you have to read and write binary data using Perl, then you preferably use the built in functions pack and unpack. With the pack function you will create a string which will be different depending on what kind of template you provide to the pack function (the unpack does the same, but in the opposite direction).

    I was writing a simple Perl script that was reading a binary file which contained data that originated from a c struct. I …

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  2. Using libcurl with minimal dependencies

    LibCURL logo For an ongoing project I needed to retrieve webpages from my C-program and first I used sockets directly, but then I thought why not try use libcurl? If I could use libcurl and link it statically then I would get the good features from libcurl, but still could make my application stand alone.

    With my current setup running Debian (Lenny), I tried to just apt-get the libraries (libcurl4-openssl-dev) and build using those libraries That went fine until I tried to …

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  3. My coming iPhone application

    I just want to show an early screenshot of my coming iPhone application that I'm currently is writing. I do not want to say to much about what purpose it should fulfill, but it's kind of a maths / algorithm / practice application. Below is screenshot of how it (most likely) will look.


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