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  1. Sibylla - Unlimited discount coupons


    • The Sibylla app uses plain HTTP.
    • Not any verification of email used when logging into the app.
    • The Sibylla server stores whether a coupon has been consumed or not for a certain email address.
    • The app doesn't use the stored information at the server to decide whether a coupon has been used or not for a certain email.
    • The "consumed" value seems to be stored locally in the app.
    • Wiping the data/cache in Android's app settings will …
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  2. AEG TS 250 K - Table Saw

    TS 250 K logo Last year we built a workshop/shed/depot. Since I planned to build a lot of stuff (in wood) I decided to buy a table saw. My criteria was that it should be portable and rather easy to put aside when not in use. I'm new to woodworking so I didn't have any experience and therefore it was a bit hard to know exactly what to look for when buying a table saw. After looking around a little bit my …

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  3. Fetchmail and GnuPG

    When using imap in mutt you have the possibility to use gpg to decrypt your password instead of having it as plaintext in your configuration file (.muttrc), see ArchWiki how to do that.

    However, if you consider using POP3, then you will also need to install and enable msmtp (not strictly needed), fetchmail and procmail. Ubuntu have created a quite nice guide of the steps involved.

    Just as mutt also msmtp have the possibility to use gpg in runtime instead …

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  4. Timing Attack - Proof of Concept

    You might have heard about timing attacks, but either thought it sounded too complicated to understand or that it is too complicated to actually do such an attack. In this post I'm going to give a brief overview of a timing attack and also provide some example code that you can play with on your own. Hopefully after reading this post you will understand that you cannot neglect this if you are creating a system where security is needed.

    What …

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  5. Apply patches in Git

    git logo A common task for a developer has is to apply a patch in Git. I have a simple scheme that I've been using for a long time and it is very seldom that I get into problem nowadays when I'm doing patch work.

    The short version for the impatient

    $ git am < my_new_feature.patch
    $ git apply --reject --whitespace=fix my_new_feature.patch
    $ git status
    $ vim my_conflicting_file.c*
    $ find . -name "*.rej" -exec rm -f {} \;
    $ git add .
    $ git am --resolved

    Long version for the …

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  6. Perl pack and unpack

    Perl logo When you have to read and write binary data using Perl, then you preferably use the built in functions pack and unpack. With the pack function you will create a string which will be different depending on what kind of template you provide to the pack function (the unpack does the same, but in the opposite direction).

    I was writing a simple Perl script that was reading a binary file which contained data that originated from a c struct. I …

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  7. Using libcurl with minimal dependencies

    LibCURL logo For an ongoing project I needed to retrieve webpages from my C-program and first I used sockets directly, but then I thought why not try use libcurl? If I could use libcurl and link it statically then I would get the good features from libcurl, but still could make my application stand alone.

    With my current setup running Debian (Lenny), I tried to just apt-get the libraries (libcurl4-openssl-dev) and build using those libraries That went fine until I tried to …

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  8. My coming iPhone application

    I just want to show an early screenshot of my coming iPhone application that I'm currently is writing. I do not want to say to much about what purpose it should fulfill, but it's kind of a maths / algorithm / practice application. Below is screenshot of how it (most likely) will look.


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  9. What about Total Commander?

    Total Commander logo As my first post on my new site I'll start by talking about Total Commander. I have been using this wonderful tools since I think I got my first PC. Back then it was called Windows Commander. So what is it that makes this tool so wonderful?

    Well, if you just install it and start it you maybe won't be that impressed. It has a quite old and perhaps boring look. But, if I can choose between good looking tool …

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